R Data Science Digest: February 2021

A thematic list of popular posts shared on R posts you might have missed in January 2021. Topics this month include rmarkdown, ggplot2, machine learning and loads of cool tools & utilities!

Top picks

Markdown and publishing

ggplot2 and visualisation

  • Creating and using custom ggplot2 themes • the best way to make each plot your own, by Tom Mock.

  • ggnewscale • Multiple Fill, Color and Other Scales in {ggplot2} by Elio Campitelli.

  • ggeasy • {ggplot2} shortcuts (transformations made easy) by Jonathan Carroll.

  • ggbernie • A {ggplot2} geom for adding Bernie Sanders to {ggplot2} by R CODER.

  • ggprism • {ggplot2} extension inspired by GraphPad Prism by Charlotte Dawson.

  • basetheme • Themes for base plotting system in R by Karolis Koncevičius

  • mully • R package to create, modify and visualize graphs with multiple layers by Frank Kramer.

  • Automating exploratory plots with ggplot2 and purrr by Ariel Muldoon.

  • ggstatsplot • ggscatterstats: a publication-ready scatterplot with all statistical details included in the plot itself to show association between two continuous variables by Indrajeet Patil.

  • popcircle • Circlepacked geo polygons by Timothée Giraud.

Spatial and Mapping

Machine Learning and Statistical Modelling

R Learning Resources

Workflow and Utilities


  • officeverse • This book deals with reporting from R with the packages {officer}, {officedown}, {flextable}, {rvg} and {mschart}, by David Gohel.

  • countrycode • Convert country names and country codes. Assigns region descriptors. by Vincent Arel-Bundock.

  • disk.frame • Fast Disk-Based Parallelized Data Manipulation Framework for Larger-than-RAM Data by ZJD (http://evalparse.com).

  • vroom • Read and Write Rectangular Text Data Quickly (The fastest delimited reader for R, 1.48 GB/sec.) by Jim Hester and Hadley Wickham.

  • visdat • Using {visdat} (Preliminary Exploratory Visualisation of Data) by Nicholas Tierney.

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